Tuesday, November 9, 2010

French Entertainment Media

Above are some of the main aspects in French and European entertainment media. Below is a look at the celebrity media of France which not only uses many American and foreign magazine models but emphasizes American celebrities.

The "French Perez Hilton" is "VIP" above right on Skyrock

Over half of films made in France are funded in part by Canal+ which also supports many international projects and channels for both French and global media. In addition to globally recognized Canal+ and the Cannes Film Festival, France has a variety of national entertainment television such as scripted situation shows, mainly dramas like Plus Belle la Vie.

The popular nighttime drama Plus Belle La Vie

Reality television was copied from the US and UK as it offers an inexpensive, easily produced show. French reality below modeled after the Real World and UK's Big Brother (Secret Story), Temptation Island (L'Ile de la Tentation), American Idol (Star Academy) and Cash Cab (Taxi Cash).

Long before the reality TV explosion however, France created Le Prix du Danger in 1983. It is a French-Serbian film about the most popular television show, a reality game show where people agree to be hunted and killed but if they escape there is a large prize, that no one has yet won.

The French take the talk show very seriously as there are about 650 different talk-shows on French television each week, most of them with a studio audience. One exception is "Bibliotheque Medicis" which is filmed on a closed set that resembles an enormous private library and emphasizes intellectual topics. The show emphasize a round table for group discussion as opposed to the American line of speakers.

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