Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jean Sarkozy: Political Power Player or Modern Day Dauphin?

by Samantha Goodman

Profile Picture. Photograph. Facebook Fan Page, Jean Sarkozy. Facebook. 20 Oct. 2009. Web. 11 Apr. 2010.

Neuilly-sur-Seine is a tranquil Parisian suburb with dozens of beautifully groomed parks and stately private homes. Walking down the streets, one is confronted with all of the makings of a French Pleasantville: mothers walk hand in hand with their young daughters in matching outfits down tree-lined streets as fathers play games of catch with their sons, and elderly couples hold hands on sunny park benches. Yes, Neuilly-sur-Seine is most certainly a beautiful place to live (see Figures 1 -4, appendix). But there is another side to this idyllic town, one steeped in business and politics: Neuilly-sur-Seine was the launching pad for current French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s political career, and is now the site of his twenty-three year old son, Jean Sarkozy’s, political beginnings. As the younger Sarkozy becomes more politically active as the conseil général des Hauts-de-Seine for Neuilly-sur-Seine and now as a board member of EPAD, the governing body of the near-by Parisian business district La Defense, questions regarding inherited power, nepotism, and qualifications become more common in French media and everyday conversation. This paper seeks to examine the political climb of Jean Sarkozy and answer the question of whether or not he is capable of successfully managing a career in politics at such a young age. A brief history of French politics and the current political climate, as well as a biography of Sarkozy junior are important factors in understanding his aspirations and capabilities.

Spectacle Des Résidents De L’association Notre-Dame. 2010. Photograph. Facebook Fan Page, Jean Sarkozy. Facebook. 24 Nov. 2009. Web. 11 Apr. 2010.

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