Thursday, May 6, 2010

BBC & France 24

by Jenny Seo

Contemporary European Entertainment News Distribution and Reporting: The BBC and France 24 Compared in The Case Study of the Berlinale 2010

The European News system began with the Roman posting of flyers. The news system has come a long distance since that practice. Contemporary Europe now has both nation and language specific news. Europe has many major media centers, which include major cities such as Brussels, Strasbourg, Geneva, London, and Paris. London is the leader in global news and also the center for the Foreign Press Association. Paris claims the largest number of foreign news correspondents in all of Europe. The BBC News is a classic major media news outlet based in London, United Kingdom, as France 24 News is a recent, modernistic major media news outlet based in Paris, France. The BBC and France 24 both offer a wide-range of European news and have English speaking sectors. In today’s progressive society, journalism and entertainment have been coinciding very analogously as each major media news outlet has a segment solely devoted to the entertainment domain. The BBC and France 24 cover many similar entertainment news events, but there are different opinions and attitudes conveyed, as both outlets have different infrastructures and reputations.

In recent news, Berlinale, The Berlin International Film Festival, celebrated its 60th anniversary in February 2010, with the BBC and France 24 both extensively covering the news press of the prime entertainment event. While both media outlets covered the cardinal function, each emphasized different elements of the film festival highlighting the contrast in news distribution and reporting.

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