Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Since 2006, the Luxembourg based cable channel has been taking the best seriously. The channel gives time to exploring luxury, not just as things of attraction, but as true masterpieces of design. Luxury is after all, the highest achievement of human labor; it means taking the longest time possible to select the best elements for the best production process possible. I have watched entire studies on the variety of wall paper in Versailes and spas for horses (yes they exist!). While some may see this as the grand materialist illusion, or a just pricier home shopping network, I see it as making a historical record of the most indulgent era known to man. We are living in the first ever global state of excess when luxury is not traded at particular ports but inceasingly placeless. While we may still associate some brands with some locations, everything can be found at the airport duty free.

Luxe groups luxury in the following categories
Real Estate & Home Design
Sports & Leisure
Hotels & Gastronomy
Beauty & Fashion
Cars & Yachting
Jewellery & Watches
The HD only site has voiceover in six languages.

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