Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alice Martina & Turquoise Mountain

The setting in Kabul, Afghanistan

Most media studies concentrate on media that is reactive to society (news), and media that is passively received (entertainment). Our guest represents global charity in design and arts media. It is an example of how to use media pro-actively.

Turquoise Mountain encourages artisans in traditional carving, as seen in London above, and in contemporary art, promoted in the poster designed by Martina below.

Alice Martina explores the aesthetic of the media through different cultures. Training at Duperré Art School in Paris, first as an environmental designer, Alice discovered set design and got a Master's degree in Fashion and the Environment by developing a multi-disciplinary approach – drawing on the chaos found in the theme ‘Terror as Entertainment’ – creating a relationship between traditional architecture, music and video, around the backstage of the Paris Opera. Right after studying, she assisted Issey Miyake Europe’s Art Director in Paris, coordinating architectural interior designs for the Quai Branly Museum as well as fashion shows and shootings. She then worked at the International Festival of Photography and Fashion at Villa Noailles. She recently went to Afghanistan to join Turquoise Mountain, one of the Prince of Wales’ Charities, as Creative Director for a design company and school for young Afghan designers."20 amazing charities from Glasgow to Kabul" is their slogan.

Turquoise Mountain materials designed by Martina

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