Tuesday, October 13, 2009

European Media Regions Recap

In general Europe has regional differences in media that have historic roots. Hallin & Mancini compared regional media systems though:
Political parallelism: the variation per country in the press as advocates of parties
Governance: variation in political party control
Professionalization: variation in the press as reliable and serving as social judgment
Role of the state: Variation regulation and intervention

You can also look directly at pluralism and commercialization to get a quick media snapshot:

North Central: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland
1.Pluralism: Moderate, segmented
2.Professionalization: High
3.Commercialization: High
4.Example press: Das Erste

North Atlantic: UK, Ireland
1.Pluralism: Moderate to individualized
2.Professionalization: High in UK, not Ireland
3.Commercialization: Higher in Ireland, not UK
4.Example press: BBC

South: Italy, France, Greece, Spain
1.Pluralism: Polarized at extremes
2.Professionalization: Low
3.Commercialization: Medium
4.Example press: El Pais, Liberation

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