Tuesday, April 5, 2011

French Music & Fashion Media

France has long treated radio as a tool of communication, to inform citizens and provide news. Above the French sponsored RFI covers global issues and is available in other languages in other countries. Below the private owned Europe 1 is based in France and hosts numerous radio talk shows along with entertainment.

Above popular French radio FIP, NRJ, Nova and Skyrock and Radio Free Europe, an American initiative in Europe. Below the European Broadcasting Union is a private alliance of global participants. Eurosonic is their radio support network and contest.

Below the EBU's famous annual song contest Eurovision.

American musician Joel Cohen and France Music started the Fete de la Music on June 21 each year.

France's hip hop production leads the world, second only to the US. Below globally recognized French rap artist MC Solaar.

Above the French electronic musicians Daft Punk, Air and Dave Guetta. Air is from Versailles and were said to have encouraged the development of the French indie scene with Phoenix. Below also Curry & Coco and Pony Pony Run Run.

Below France now supports an official state school for training DJ's, more here.

Above French fashion media from magazines, to television to websites. Below the origin of the fashion magazine was aristocratic journals like Mecure Galant leading to the luxury Gazette du Bon Ton in the early 20th century.

Above the Lanvin Show in 1961. Modern media began to advance fashion. Slowly the world knew about the well known fashion circuit of shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Media helped build up fashion culminating in our postmodern moment when media is now an authority over fashion and style.

Above, the extreme surrealist and unusual fashion ads of Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Below the integration of fashion throughout French society as it is included in regular news, talk shows public ads and graffiti more commonly than in the US.

Above Fashion TV is the only network devoted to fashion 24/7. It was founded in Paris by investor Michel Adams and includes events and products. The channel shows instant broadcast of fashion shows but has been criticized for its other content being more about models than fashion. Below fashion journalists take the clothing more seriously. The world's most significant fashion journalist is based in Paris, Suzy Menkes. The rise of fashion blogging challenges established media. Center the Satorialist and right his French girlfriend fashion blogger Garance Dore.

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