Thursday, September 9, 2010

End Times

The New York Times' Arthur Sulzberger stated at a London media summit, "We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD," more here.

"I hate Facebook. If you use it more than an hour a day you should be mobilised to clean streets for useful work," Zizek

In May, Slavoj Zizek released his book about the decline and end of capitalism as we know it. Obviously as the internet increases free democratic media, there is a disappearance of the commercial exchange of information. This not only disturbs the economy but the larger value system. The post-Enlightenment Western value system suggests those with the most information, that is the educated and cultural intelligencia, control the law and market value. Now mass free information means that information alone is no longer an advantage, or especially one that people will pay for. Knowledge can still aid in power but now more than ever we also need virtue, that is distinguishing truth and the best way to use it.

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