Friday, January 29, 2010

J.D Salinger & The Media

The road leading to Salinger's home in Cornish, New Hampshire.

The passing of the celebrated author renews interest in his literary masterpieces. It also prompts a re-consideration of his media strategy. In age when authors have publicists, press junkets, websites, blogs and Tweet every thought, Salinger was silent. He was in fact incommunicado for 50 years living in a secluded New England town, going out only to a Unitarian church and local cafe. Salinger's media silence did not however decrease his fame or the respect for his work. In an era in which we think everything must be legitimized by the spectacle, Salinger let his words speak for themselves. Read the Telegraph report here and the NY Times profile here and read more on media isolation from Garbo to Pynchon here.

“Salinger had remarked that he was in this world but not of it," 1919-2010

This photo of Greta Garbo at the Plaza taken by Cecil Beaton in 1946 was just before she also entered a 30 year seclusion from the media.

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