Monday, November 2, 2009

Hackers of the World Unite

Jon Erickson's 2003 book Hacking: The Art of Exploitation informed readers to insider secrets. However, hacking is a global, continually transforming phenomenon. Recent WEP Hacking targets wireless products. WEP uses a set of bits called a key to scramble information in the data frames as it leaves the access point or client adapter and the scrambled message is then decrypted by the receiver, below.

Not all hackers are out to destroy. There are many social hackers (such as "Hackers on an Airplane") and many hackers who hack for good. In France, Philippe Langlois began as a hacker and has proven expertise in network security. He founded Worldnet, France's first public Internet service provider, in 1993. He also founded a pioneering network security company Intrinsec in 1995 and led technical teams in several security companies (Qualys, WaveSecurity, INTRINsec) as well as security research teams (Solsoft, TSTF). Philippe was also lead designer for Payline, one of the first e-commerce payment gateways. He has written and translated security books, including some of the earliest references in the field of computer security, and has been giving speeches on network security since 1995 (Interop, BlackHat, HITB Dubai,, and most recently at NYU in Paris!). Philippe is also involved in OLPC, /tmp/lab hacker space in Paris, Bricophone and his art projects such as Church of Security, Corporate Disturbance Group.

Philippe takes part in hacker spaces the unite hackers in communal places to share information and problem solve.

Philippe can be reached through his websites at:
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